616 Golf Policies

Golf is a game of honor.

We are proud to be unique in the sense that our league rounds can be played at any time throughout the weekly open play period. This flexibility increases participation and engagement in our league. With flexibility comes responsibility, and we are not naive to the idea that dishonesty could creep its way in.

We remain hopeful and confident in our members acting accountably and with integrity. The game of golf was founded on principles of integrity, and we expect our members to demonstrate honesty and fairness during any league round. We believe that most golfers understand that proper conduct during play is just as important as a result. Bending the rules, stretching the truth, or straight-out cheating is just bad form. What goes around comes around, and karma is a bitch.

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Official league rounds must be contended with another participating league team.
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Tee time and day must be determined at the time of sign-up.
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Scores must be submitted to the league within 24 hours of the decided tee time.